10 Pcs Nesting Rainbow Measuring Cups Mixing Bowls with Handles Sieve Spoon

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Our rainbow bowl set contains a total of 10 pieces.

  • Non-slip base on each bowl keeps it securely stationed on the counter or table while in use and mixing.
  • Stackable for easy kitchen storage in the cupboard or kitchen drawer
  • The rainbow color design is a delight, creating a happy and funny vibe in your house
  • An ideal and multipurpose kitchen tool kit

Material: PP


Small mixing bowl:500ml

Large mixing bowl: 4.5L

Filter bowl: 3L

Powder sieves: 1.65L

Measuring cups: 250 ml, 125 ml, 80 ml, 60 ml, 15 ml, 7.5 ml

Colour: Multi-coloured


Note: Colour of measuring cups random delivery

  • 1x 4.5L large mixing bowl
  • 1x 3L filter bowl
  • 1x 1.65L powder sieves
  • 1x 500ml Small mixing bowl
  • 6x measuring cups
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